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Re: xterm color

> >You must set the color resource
> OK ... tried all that ... didn't help ... other ideas?

  First, make sure it has any colors... it has ansi escape sequences, if it
is an 'xterm'... so, make sure the termcap or terminfo description for
xterm is set for color... try

  echo "\033[31m One color.\033[32m Second color."

  And see what happens, the ESC [30m ... ESC [38m should set the foreground
color, and ESC [40m .. ESC [48m should set the background color.  If it
doesn't give color... your xterm uses the termcap database, is it installed?
is the definition for xterm, set to the definition for xterm-color? Read the
/etc/termcap (termcap compatibility package).  Try setting your TERMINFO
variable with the proper information for color xterm (if it isn't set).

  If it does display colors, then your 'ls' command is an old one, and has
no color support. 
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