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Re: A proposal to improve dselect

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997 sfuqua@fuquasc.wab.wku.edu wrote:

Dear Developers,

> Over the last year, I've done many installations and upgrades of
> debian using dselect.  During that time, I've learned how to use it --
> and I find it quite comfortable use.  What you are used to is easy, I
> guess.  Since we seem to be picking on dselect's user interface again,
> I wish it had more "emacs-like" key bindings, but it's a marvelous
> tool as it is, IMHO.

PLEASE, please, please do not confront people with 'emacs-like'
keybindings. This would scare away newbies without impressing
experienced people too much. The more experienced people 
quite often use plain dpkg and are happy with these cli-tools.

IMHO thee should be an easy accessible online help for dselect which
explains the accellerator keys and the concept in short.

How about a ncurses approach? Folding editopr like? nc like?...
Please make dselect user friendly and easy to understand.
It is the front door of Debian to first time users.

ALL users to whom I recommended Debian (even the experienced) users 
complained so far about dselect as beeing hard to use. 
These people mostly complained about the
keybindings and endless depenency problems.

They sometimes seems to be caught by help screens of which they do not
know how to get rid of them...

A lot of these problems have already been addressed in this list.
-- martin

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