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Re: ANNOUNCE: New Logo and Feedback Page for the Debian Logo (v4)

> On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > > 	http://fatman.mathematik.tu-muenchen.de/~schwarz/debian-logo/
> > 
> > >From your site you do not have
> > the right of access to this protected area. 
> > [insert offensive picture here]
> I'm really sorry about this all.

I also with to apologise in case I overreacted in my post to the list.
I was rather angry at the time, which is a rather bad way to be in
when intending to post anything. I do realise it's not your fault
at all and if I offended you, then I'm sorry. Your page is
very well presented and makes it easy to comment on the assorted
logos. Well done.

> The other problem: I'm not the fatman administrator and don't have root
> access. These (really offensive) messages were installed by the admin. I
> don't like these either and have contacted him today and asked if they
> could be replaced.
> Please excuse this incident, I'll see what I can change.



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