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To:	racquadro@uspif1.if.usp.br
Subj:	Re: Network problems...

racquadro@uspif1.if.usp.br wrote:
>         I have two PCs. A 80386 and a Pentium. They have Ethernet cards (NE 2000) and Windows 3.11, on the 386, and Windows 95, on Pentium. With this system I can share files, printers...
>         Months ago, I have diveded my hard disk with fdisk to install Linux and Windows 95 on the Pentium.
>         Yesterday, I installed the TCP/IP protocol on the 386. I wnat to know how can I logon at Linux, from the 386.
>         The situation of address on Linux is this:
>         IP Adreess:
>         Netmask:
>         Network Address:
>         Broadcast Address:
>         Gateway Address:
>         Nameserver Address:
>         What is the configuration that I have to change on the Windows 3.11 on TCP/IP?

You really shouldn4t use 123.123.123.x addresses for your local network
if you haven4t received that address from your ISP. To be on the safe
side use the net 192.168.x.0 instead. This is a designated transfer
network that4s definitely not routed on the Internet.

A usable setup would be:

Linux: IP, Mask, Broadcast,
no DNS, no Gateway.

Win/PC: IP, mask, Broadcast,
no DNS, use LMHOSTS lookup, no Gateway. 

On the Linux machine, set /etc/resolv.conf to "order host,bind", then
create a /etc/hosts file containing localhost linux winpc

Copy that file to c:\<windirecotry>\lmhosts or copy the lmhosts.sam
file found there to lmhosts and edit it to use those numbers.

This is assuming that you don4t have access to te Internet. Since
all of your machines are on the same net, you really don4t need a
Gateway. You also don4t need DNS lookup since you can maintain your
hosts file pretty easily.

Thomas Baetzler, thb@regioservice.de, thb@spectre.ka.sub.org
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