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Re: Install problems - InfoMagic LDR

At 11:46 PM 5/01/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I just purchased the most recent version of the LDR a few days ago.
>Has anyone been successful in installing Debian 1.2 from the
>December InfoMagic LDR?

I am also very interested in hearing from others who have 
purchased InfoMagic LDR CD's. Is it good value or am I better
off with iConnect's CD's.

I am a first time Linux user. I install Debian 1.2 by downloading over
the internet. I'm running it on my spare PC. A IBM MB 486SLC2-66,
with 80Mb Hd, 4 Mb Ram. A bit slow but it well do for playing/learning
with Linux.

My interest is using Linux as a mail gateway for a Win95/Win3.11 LAN.
The setup would be like this.

1. The Linux PC would dial into local ISP. Get each users mail
   from the local ISP. e.g. user1@my.isp.net, user2@my.isp.net etc.
   I presume the mail gateway software can read a userlist file ??

2. Each PC user would then check the Linux mail server by using
   a Windows based mail package (e.g. Eudora) or telnet to the Linux PC
   and use Unix Mail command from a login shell.     

Is it possible.

What packages would you recommend for
1.  mail gateway software (e.g. fetchmail,sendmail etc)
2.  to make the dial up connection (ISP would allocate IP on login)

Regards Brian

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