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Re: X11R6 and xbaseR6 dependencies?

Michael Tempsch <d1temp@dtek.chalmers.se> writes:
> But I've got a problem with some dependancies, mainly packages claiming
> that they depend on X11R6 and/or xbaseR6... for instance netscape and 
> motifnls - I have got XFree86 set up and functioning so what did I fail
> to do during the install?

There was a problem with dependencies in the initial packaging of XFree86
3.2.  I think there was created a dummy package, xdependencies, which was
supposed to fix this.  If you cannot find/obtain this package anywhere, you
may have to get hold of a later version of the X packages.

> I also have the same problem as an other poster with X stuff looking for
> libs in /usr/lib, creating links to the relevant libs in the X 
> directories makes no difference... 

If it's the same one I'm thinking of, see my reply to their post for a
solution to this (basically get the xcompat package).


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