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On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Kendrick Myatt wrote:

> Okay, here is what I have learned...
> The Debian 1.2 Disk release version is broken.
> There is no ftp or dpkg-ftp program installed to your machine if you get all
> the Disks and do a fresh install.  Basically you are screwed :(
> Dselect will not work because there is no ftp.

Well, you are partially correct. There is no ftp client on the base disks.
However, dpkg-ftp IS provided on the base system and dselect's ftp method
should work.
Netbase and ppp are also on the disk so you should be able to establish a
ppp connection or work through an ethernet card to use dselect's ftp
I am looking into the problem more, to see if at least ftp and telnet can
be added.

> Nobody understands what the problem is because everybody upgraded from a
> previous version, so they already had all the files they needed.
Truely this is a fresh installation problem only. Upgrades will have no
problems with this issue.

> I post this in order to save others in the same boat all the frustration and
> headaches I have gone through in wanting to get Debian.  Many thanks to
> everyone who wrote me personally and helped me figure all this out! :)
> I see that there is a Debian 1.2.1 on the site now, so I am going to give it
> a try.  I assume that I griped enough, then :)
I didn't see any of this until I had already uploaded the 1997-01-06 disk
set. It DOES have dpkg-ftp on it, but not netstd (with ftp and telnet).
Something should be resolved for this by 1.2.2.

> If not, where can I get 1.1?  Apparently it worked from disks on a clean
> install.

I can sell you a 1.1.13 gold CD if you are really interested.

> Also, is there another list I need to be on to get announcements about new
> releases / fixes, etc?  I would not have known about 1.2.1 if I hadn't
> noticed it while looking for 1.1 disks...
Debian-announce is where the "general" announcements go, such as releases.
Debian-devel-changes carries notices of package upgrades/fixes.

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