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xbase-configure related problem

Hi folks / Salut les filles !

Just installed Debian Linux 1.1 (kernel 2.0) from Infomagic's CDs
this weekend, and ran into a problem during xbase configuration.

I've got a dual system with Linux/Windaube95 (french for Windog95).
Windog says the graphics card is an "ATI Graphics Pro Turbo PCI (mach64)",
but there's no such card in the xbase-configure database.
So I just bypassed the card and video memory size selections with <CR>,
hoping the probe would do the right guesses.
When testing the config I get a server failure and strange probe values
such as:
		(--) ... : ATI Winwonder SVGA
		(--) ... : 256K video ram
		(--) ... : Brooktree 476 or similar RAMDAC

Besides, the card's supposed to contain 2Mb video ram, according to
the advertized configuration at time of purchase... :(

Sooooo, could any of you Debian gurus help me on this one ?
Peg: "What are you thinking?"
Al : "If I wanted you to know, I'd be talking instead of thinking."

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