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1.2 Install: no mcd device at 0x300 ?

I have just installed the Debian 1.2 Base System.
During booting from the rescue diskette and also from the configured
kernel boot diskette I get some misterious messages like:

mcd=0x300,11: init failed
mcdx ... no mcd device at 0x300 irq11
and some more messages lokking like an unsuccessful search for various
CDROM hardware

ATAPI-IDE cdrom (hdd = slave on 2nd IDE drive) is recognized and can
be mounted and used.

I have a SoundBlaster card but not yet any driver for it installed.
Both serial ports (16550), SLIP and PPP are confirmed.

My system is a Gigabyte GA-586ATE/ATM board with Pentium
and ISA+PCI bus.
Root is on hdc6 and /usr is on hdd3.
Currently I still boot from fd0.

Thanks for any help,

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