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Re: Install problems - InfoMagic LDR

On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Brian Sheaff wrote:

> I am also very interested in hearing from others who have purchased 
> InfoMagic LDR CD's. Is it good value or am I better off with iConnect's
> CD's.  
I bought the september '96 release and wouldn't bother about any InfoMagic
set anymore at all. Maybe it is okay for RedHat users but not for users of
Debian. IMHO the inclusion of Debian-1.2 was this time at a very much too
early stage and it can not considered to be as complete and up to date as
any freshly written CD from I-Connect. I'd order a CD from them as soon as
Debian-1.2.1 appears on the FTP master server.

BTW CheapBytes "http://www.cheapbytes.com"; are planning to offer a Debian
CD distribution sometime soon as they have written in answer to an email i
sent them yesterday. But based upon their bargain offers i personally
doubt they'll let funds flow back into Debian development like I-Connect
usually does. Their email is "sales@cheapbytes.com".

                                          Regards, P. *8^)
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