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Re: ping reply without OS


>     My real complain is when I read "System halted", my assumption has
>  always been that the cpu has executed the x86 HALT instruction . Why 
>  not, it consumes a lot less enery in this state.

It does. But on the other hand interrupt handler may still be active. On
linux for example the CPU is halted in the idle task, too. Therefore it will
consume much less energy.

Thats why you can even get ping replies if your kernel is in an endless
loop, cause the incomming data and the irq from the card will interrupt its
work and calls the bottom half handler. It's an error if the kernel forgets
to unregister all those interrupt routines on halt, but its an
understandable 'feature'. But it should NOT happen if you shut down the
interface before halt (ifconfig down).

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