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Re: How do people on this list backup stuff?

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Walter Tautz wrote:

> I am curious to find out how people back stuff? Specifically
> I am interested in finding out whether it is necessary
> to use a tape system or is it also possible to use another
Tape is common.  

> hardrive. Afterall, it would appear a hardrive is cheaper
> than a *quality* tape system? 

Not really.  With a harddrive, you can not have 20 copies in 20 locations.

The good thing about tape systems, is that you can make a backup, and take
it off location, or have a different one for each day of the week.  That
way, if something got screwed up on Tuesday, and you copy to the other
hard drive every day, and its Friday... its been engraved on your only
backup.  With the tape, you can pull out mondays backup, and restore what
you need from there.

One good solution to have is a mirror harddrive, for HARDWARE FAILURE, and
a tape backup, for DATA FAILURE.

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