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Re: back on list (I think)

Hi. I'll answer the questions that I know.

>   1. Texbin installation failed because Kpathsea could not convert
>      some Metafont.  There was a bug report on this but I could not
>      find the resolution.  This Texbin installation failure also
>      caused the latex installation to failed.

Add the line /usr/X11R6/lib to the file /etc/ld.so.conf and
run ldconfig.

>   2. Netscape could not be installed.

Do you downloaded the correct version of netscape from
ftp://ftp?.netscape.com ? It's the version 3.01. After
downloading, put the file in /tmp and try to install it

>   5. The initial installation did not create /dev/scd0, /dev/scd1
>      nor setup the symbolic link of the /dev/cdrom to /dev/scd0.
>      Nor the /dev/sd[abc..]9 to /dev/sd[abc..]15.  I have to create
>      these manually.

Known bugs. They'll be corrected in Debian 1.2.1

>   7. All the X related libraries could not be located when running
>      and X applications because the /etc/ldconfig.conf (I think
>      that was the name of the file) did not include /usr/X11R6/lib.
>      I added the entry in and run ldconfig, then the problem went
>      away.

See answer 1.

>   9. BTW, is there a java1.0.2-???.deb out there?

Yes. It's in three packages under the "non-free"
directory. The files in non-free can't be in CD-ROM,
so you'll need to download them from some mirror
or the main Debian's ftp site:


the files are: "jdk-common_<version>.deb",
"jdk-shared_<version>.deb" and "jdk-static_<version>.deb".
You need the "common" file, and one of the other two.
Don't forget to download the file "Packages.gz" too, if
you want to see a more complete list of packages in
dselect ;)

Alexander Gieg

By: Alexander Gieg
E-mail: agieg@brworld.com.br
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