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ping reply without OS (was: Re: Unidentified subject!)

> > ping response can be handled by network hardware without OS running.
> Uhhmmm... hadn't heard of this ever before. To reply to a ping request
> the network card has to have an assigned IP address...
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> Eloy A. Paris
> Information Technology Department
> Rockwell Automation de Venezuela
> Telephone: +58-2-9432311 Fax: +58-2-9430323

Yes, but I've seen it quite often. The symptoms are you can't connect with
anything, rlogin, telnet or such programs; however the machine gladly replies
to ping.

I think the situation arises when an OS _has_ been running on the machine 
and then crashes or hangs; in this state the ethernet card has been assigned
an IP address, and then it just answers any ping requests that comes its way,
without any intervention of the OS.



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