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Re: Dayly maintenance time (was Re: Innd problem)

According to Pete Templin:
> On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> > According to Eloy A. Paris:
> > > Was the time of the maintenance script changed from 6:42 AM in 1.1 to
> > > 3 AM in 1.2?
> > Yes, it has been changed to 03:08. However that is the setting in the default
> > crontab. If you upgrade a working installation, the crontab will not be
> > adjusted. You'll have to do that yourself: that's basic system administration.
> I agree that it's basic system administration.  I also feel that each of
> us has the right to run daily "operations" scripts anytime we please.  But
> could those of us who do regularly upgrade working installations be
> informed of this sort of change, if only in the interest of consistency?

Wait a minute. I got 2 things confused here:

1. Daily maintenance was and is at 6:42 (probably; I don't maintain the
   cron package).
2. Daily maintenance for *news* takes places at 3:08 AM because it
   doesn't run from /etc/cron.daily but has it's own crontab.

So, nothing has changed AFAIK.

Sorry for the confusion.

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