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sendmail && procmail troubles!

 Hi All,
       Happy new year to you!
       I did an upgrade of my Debian box, from 1.1 to 1.2, using the
'bo' tree. After that upgrade, procmail didn't filter my mails anymore.
I guess that this is because the permissions of /var/spool/mail/$LOGNAME
are 0600, with user and group  "$LOGNAME.mail", resp.
      Ever time sendmail writes a new mail, it changes the permissions
to 0600, so that procmail can't read the file.
      How can I fix this?
      I'm using popclient to retrieve mail from my server. It's working
fine, after a reinstall it. I didn't ask to remove it. 
      Thanks you!
[]s, mario

   Mario O.de Menezes -      oo-O-oo    - mailto:mario@net.ipen.br 
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