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Re: Has anyone installed on a Toshiba T2115CS?

On Wed, 1 Jan 1997, Alex Lobkovsky wrote:

> Did you turn off power managment in the BIOS?

Yes, I've turned off the three items that TSETUP lets me get to.  I have
found that I can run with an external display without any problem. 

Last night, I was running DOS on the thing and the back of the display
(what I would call the top) got quite hot and there was kind of an ozone
smell when it shutdown.  I plugged in the external display and disabled
the internal, the machine kept running and the lap-top cooled down.

This was a rebuild machine, I am getting very suspicious of a hardware
problem at this point.  However, I'm going to re-install the Windows95 
that it came with as a last resort before I spend lots of money to get it


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