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Re: Switching to Debian from old Slackware 2.1; orientation?

> I installed "qmail", an alternative to sendmail, on my system by hand,
> because there is no Debian package yet.  So I created a script 'qmail'
> that starts qmail, if you give it the argument 'start' and stops it if
> you give the argument 'stop'.  I placed the script in /etc/init.d.  I
> want qmail to start when I enter runlevel 2, so I had to create a link
> in /etc/rc2.d to the script 'qmail':
>   ln -s /etc/init.d/qmail /etc/rc2.d/S19qmail
> The 'S' means start qmail, the 19 makes it run between S18netbase and
> S20xinetd.  I also deleted the link, '/etc/rc2.d/S20sendmail' because
> I didn't want sendmail to start.  (But I still have the script in
> /etc/init.d, in case I ever want to use it again.)
> Finally, I created a link
>   ln -s /etc/init.d/qmail /etc/rc6.d/K19qmail
> so that qmail is killed when I reboot (runlevel 6 is reboot).

Isn't the recommended way of installing scripts in /etc/rc?.d to use
the Debian command update-rc.d?



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