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Re: [1.2 installation] resolv.conf without bind; or should I just use bind too?

> Should I just create resolv.conf my hand, or should I get the one from the 
> bind package for whatever useful defaults (including explanatory comments) 
> it contains?

According to my /var/lib/dpkg/info/bind.list file (Debian 1.1), the bind
package does not include /etc/resolv.conf. I think this file is build
when configuring the base package from input given by the user.

Any way, if you missed that part of the installation, you can build the
file by hand: just create it with your favorite text editor and include a
line like:

nameserver xx.yy.ww.zz

where xx.yy.ww.zz is the IP address of your ISP's name server.

You can take a look at resolv.conf's man page (man resolv.conf) but for
this you'll probably need the bind package installed.

Finally, you do not need to run named (BIND) if you get connected to the
Internet through your ISP and are not in a LAN.



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