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Re: Dual-Boot on a non-sys disk

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Budd <ebudd@linknet.net> writes:

    Eric> Now I have someone that wants to install a dual-boot
    Eric> win'95/Linux system, but the only available hard drive space
    Eric> is on drive E: (a new gig drive).  Can I just set it to a
    Eric> boot disk in the BIOS, repartition the new drive and pray
    Eric> that it works?  Or do i need to install it to the C: drive?

What OS is the box running now?  If it is running Linux, and you want
to install Win-BLOWS 95, I think (but am not sure) that Win-BLOWS will
want to install itself on the first primary partition of the first
hard drive.  It rewrites the boot sector, too, so make certain you
have a Linux boot/rescue disk ready, 'cause otherwise you'll find it
difficult to get back into Linux!

On the other hand, if the box is currently running Win-BLOWS 95 and
you have an extra partition handy, installing Linux on it should be no
problem.  Linux is content to reside on any partition on any disk,
including logical partitions.


Nathan L. Cutler
Linux Enthusiast

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