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Building a.out binaries

I'm calling for help because I really don't have time to solve
this one myself.  :)

I need to compile an a.out version of the (modified) login program,
dynamically link against libc4 (obviously.)

To this end, I installed all the gizmos - aout-binutils and aout-gcc.
These programs (gcc and ld) run ok, but produce this warning :

/usr/i486-linuxaout/bin/gcc  -o login login.o getpass.o checktty.o
/usr/i486-linuxaout/bin/ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; defaulting
 to 08048078

The resulting binary is a messed up statically linked ELF file.

The login.o, etc. objects, compiled by the same gcc look ok as
impure object files.

I'd greatly appreciate any assistance.

... Stephen

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