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Setserial problem - Why does IRQ get reset to 4?

I have edited /etc/rc.boot/0setserial removing the autodetect of 
interupts for /dev/cua* and replacing it with a manual call for 
/dev/cua2.  This is intended to set the IRQ for /dev/cua2 to 5 instead
of 4.

However, after booting I find through setserial -v /dev/cua2 that the 
IRQ is 4 (as if 0setserial had not been run).  I can run the script 
0setserial by hand, but after running minicom I find that the IRQ is 
set back to 4.  

Does something else run setserial other than at boot time?  Why isn't the IRQ
set for me when I use the stock line from the manual setup there in 
0setserial?  Why does it get reset after I run 0setserial by hand?

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