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Re: Installing 1.2 on a headless machine

Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:
> I wrote:
> ]    I'm confused as to the start-up sequence of the Rescue disk...
> ] ldlinux loads "root.bin" and "linux", then passes execution to "linux",
> ] with the specified boot-time parameters.  The kernel uncompresses itself
> ] and initializes the drivers etc.  It then uncompresses "root.bin" and
> ] mounts it as root, and executes "/linuxrc".  This scripts execs
> ] "/sbin/init".  What happens after this?
> "Jens B. Jorgensen" <jjorgens@bdsinc.com> wrote:
> ] After this init reads /etc/inittab runs and starts processes depending
> ] on the run level.
>    Normally this is the case, but the rootdisk image contained on the
> Rescue disk has no /etc/inittab...  There's an /etc/init_tab which later
> gets used for the /etc/inittab on the newly-installed system, but i dont
> think it gets read when booting off the Rescue disk.
>    Does anyone know how /Install/dinstall gets run?
> Sebastian Kuzminsky
> kuzminsk@cs.colorado.edu

Well, if init is run in single user mode then it will start a shell
on the console. Perhaps you should look for a .profile which does
the subsequent work.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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