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Installing Debian over existing Slackware--pointers?

Let me first say that I have the requisite rescue and base floppies at
home on my hardrive running Slackware---I placed them in a subdirector
under /

--- I don't want to repartition my hardrive for obvious reason---I have files
    I want preserve

--- My possible approach: use the boot/root floppies from slackware and remove
    as many unnecessary files as possible, then
    use the rescue floppy from Debian to being installation of the
    base distribution. Can I do this from the hardrive, or should I put the 
    base images on floppies as per the instructions in install.txt under
    disks-i386 or is it just enough to use the rescue floppy, boot it, and
    then indicate the location of the files to be installed on the hardrive. 
    I have a feeling it would be easier to use the floppy approach.

   --- how do I get rid of the existing /dev directory under slackware
       prior to reinstalling the new version under Debian, afterall when
       using a boot/root floppy one generally mounts the /dev/hda under
       /mnt and so erasing /dev would be prevent umounting it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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