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Large Harddrive Problems

I just bought a new Maxtor 3.5G drive on which I am going to put Debian 1.2 at
home (I already have Debian at work).  My motherboard at home is from early-mid
1995 and supports a Pentium 120.  The Award BIOS (which definitely supports
LBA) detects the new Maxtor and gives the correct settings, but states that the
size of the drive is something like 1.395G.  When I run fdisk from the Debian
1.2 floppies, it sees all 3.5G of the drive, but when I start to initialize
file systems I get large numbers of errors (don't remember the exact error). 
The way I have it set up now, I have a 1G partition at the beginning of the
drive for W95.  If I try to give the rest of the drive to W95 in another
partition, it too has errors upon formatting (but its fdisk also sees it as a
3.5G drive).

It sounds to me like a BIOS problem.  Maxtor provides software to make DOS/W95
see the entire disk, but will this solution work for Linux?  Isn't there a
work-around for this in Linux?  I can no longer find the old "Large-Harddrive
HOWTO" (although this may have addressed another problem).


Paul Rightley

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