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Re: Some notes on Debian experiences

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, David Engel wrote:

> > I had to relink as described in the
> > /usr/src/linux/README.
> For the umpteenth time.  You don't need these links to compile the
> kernel.  I haven't had those links on any of my systems in over a year
> and it hasn't stopped me from compiling hundreds of kernels.

Hear, hear!

Since at least 1.3.something, the kernel makefile explicitly points gcc to
the kernel include files. So unless you compile antique kernels for fun,
you do *not* need the said links.

As further proof, here are the relevant extracts from my toplevel 2.0.27
kernel makefile:

TOPDIR  := $(shell if [ "$$PWD" != "" ]; then echo $$PWD; else pwd; fi)

HPATH           = $(TOPDIR)/include
FINDHPATH       = $(HPATH)/asm $(HPATH)/linux $(HPATH)/scsi $(HPATH)/net

HOSTCC          =gcc -I$(HPATH)
HOSTCFLAGS      =-O2 -fomit-frame-pointer


CPP     =$(CC) -E

Notice how -I$(TOPDIR)/include (i.e. -I$(HPATH)) is included on *every*
gcc command. QED. 

Read question 1 of /usr/doc/libc5/FAQ.gz if you want to know why Debian
doesn't use symlinks.


PS Could someone who is on linux-kernel volunteer to at least ask the
kernel people to update the kernel's README? It still says "make sure your
/usr/include/asm, /usr/include/linux, and /usr/include/scsi directories
are just symlinks to the kernel sources" even though people don't need to
do that anymore to compile the kernel... 

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