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Re: POPmail and procmail

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Stringfield <servo@jax-inter.net> writes:

> When I send a message via locally, over my own network, procmail seems to
> process the file, but when mail comes in via 'popclient' from my ISP, it
> doesn't seem to be running the .forward file.  Does anyone have this same
> situation.  Maybe I am beating my head against a brick wall for nothing.
> OR is there a way to have 'popclient' pass the mail to procmail directly?

I feed any mail received by popclient to procmail using the
following crontab entry:

    14 05 * * * popclient -3 <my.mail.server> -c | formail +1 -ds procmail

formail splits the stream of mail coming from popclient into single messages
and executes procmail for each message.

Hope this will help,


Wolfhard Strähle               E-Mail:   wolfe@orinoko.es.n-e-t.de
Denkendorfer Straße 25         Tel.:     (049)-0711/3482825
D-73760 Ostfildern

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