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Re: POPmail and procmail

> When I send a message via locally, over my own network, procmail seems to
> process the file, but when mail comes in via 'popclient' from my ISP, it
> doesn't seem to be running the .forward file.  Does anyone have this same
> situation.  Maybe I am beating my head against a brick wall for nothing.
> OR is there a way to have 'popclient' pass the mail to procmail directly?

The .forward file is only read by sendmail, which is what is used when mail comes in over your own network.

My guess is that popclient just appends it messages to your mail spool.  It doesn't use sendmail.  You can simulate it, though, by running:

procmail -o spoolfile .... other options
cat spoolfile | formail -s procmail
rm spoolfile

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