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Re: logging messages from pppd

At 11:07 AM 12/7/96 -0800, Ken Gaugler wrote:
>My pppd messages stopped some time ago, and I have not been able
>to get them started again.  Today I re-installed syslogd and klogd
>using the Debian package system, still no pppd messages.  Someone
>told me to put 
>daemon.*                        /var/adm/pppd.log
>in my syslog.conf to log ppp messages.  Is this correct?

No - the old ppp package did this.  The new one logs all pppd to
/var/log/ppp.log .  If you want to change it to a different logging (ie: I
want my ppp logs in the daemon.log) put:

local2.*                 /var/log/daemon.log

If you don't do this, your ppp logs _should_ be currently in
/var/log/ppp.log at the moment.



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