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tar multivolume archive - problem solved


Thanks to all who responded to my problem of not being able
to use the tar command with the 'M' option for multivolume

The machine was capable of creating such archives and then
reading its contents, but every attempt of extracting it
with the command:
	tar xvMf /dev/fd0
ended up in segfault message. 

Things are sorted now and all the credit goes to Arrigo.
If anybody experiences the same problem on Debian1.1, the
solution is to define the environment variable LP_PRELOAD:
	LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libgnumalloc[TAB]; export LD_PRELOAD
The [TAB] will give you your system version of libgnumalloc.

I would like to know one thing, though. Should this be set in the 
1.2 release of Debian, or was it set already and my installation of 
Debian 1.1 was not quite up to scratch :-) ?



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