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shared debian installations

 I have a similar situation here, and would be interested in finding
out how you solve the problem.

 I have applied the 'Transnames Patch' to my kernel, and have the root
filesystem of my server box mounted on the 'diskless' machine.  They
both use the same physical file system, so Debian only needs to be
installed once and both computers can use all of it, with minor
hand-modifications to support Transnames.

 I am booting the second box with a floppy, to simulate an ethernet
bootrom boot.  It is using bootp right now.  The hard drive in it is
mounted under /aux; it could go anyplace though.  The boot floppy I
made using the methods described in the Documentation dir under the
kernel source.

 If you like, I have made a version of the Transnames patch, using
CVS, against kernel 2.0.25.  It is on my WWW page.  The patch is
identical to the one found on sunsite, except that I have hand-fixed a
.rej where a variable name had changed between 2.0.? and 2.0.25.

 It was working fairly well; I've yet to reconfigure after changing my
Internet setup.  (I've a lot to learn about networking; I want my
local machines to be on their own net, and have the server still on
the Internet.)

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