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Re: Mounting a file as a filesystem

Dale Scheetz said:
> If you use loop devices at all you will certainly want more than one. My
> system has loop0 thru loop7.

As does mine. 'MAKEDEV loop' creates them all (at least, it did on my Debian
1.1 system).

> This would allow your mount to look like:
> mount -o loop=/dev/loop2 -t ext2 /path/to/file /mount/point

That works too. My way (mount -o loop -t ext2 ...) make mount choose the first
available loop device. If you need to know which specific loop device is being
used, Dale's way is better.

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With the discusion of Wine, I was wondering if a Wine package was in the

Also, are there any other good sources of .deb packages other than
ftp.debian.org and its mirrors.  I'm thinking of stuff too
new/experimental to even put in unstable.  Or maybe non-free/demo packages
companies didn't want in non-free.


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