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is it me or deselect?

First - my apologies to all those working so hard 
on the bleeding edge, for questions relating to an 
old version.

1) Deselect keeps showing me that the kernel-source-
2.0.6.deb is available (after repeated Packages updates). 
Of course it won't download because it's not there. 
I've gotten the tar from sources, but that's not the 
same as a deb file (as we've all been warned). I'd 
prefer to install from a deb through dselect or dpkg. 
I depend on my Linux machines so I'd like to stick with 
2.0.6 until a bit after the 1.2 release. Is there a 
-2.0.6.deb available anywhere by ftp?

2) Packages are listed at the top of dselect (when it's 
started) as available upgrades. However, some of these 
depend on newer packages (such as libc5) that are not 
yet in stable. Therefore, there is no way to make 
deselect happy while pointed to the stable ftp directory. 


Otherwise, as Alan Greenspan would say, I'm "irrationally 
exuberant" about debian. Thanks in advance. JohnT

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