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UMSDOS partition and debian

     Hello all...
        I have gathered that it is possible to run the debian installation 
     in a dos fat partition. I am hoping that this configuration would 
     resemble the slakware installation running over the dos fat partition.
        I've not seen any documentation about how this has to be setup.
     ??? Does there exist a set of installation disks that will allow me to 
     build the op. sys. over my existing dos file system(s) ??? I have 
     several students / colleagues here that would like to try the os but 
     cant / won't commit themselves to repartitioning disks so close to the 
     end of the semester. (I'm not going to ask them to bring their boxes 
     in so that I can fibs their disks for them - and run the risk ...)
        I would specifically like to have a "drv_letter:\linux\..." on a 
     MS-DOg filesystem and would like to use the dos executable loadlin.exe 
     to light the debian install at my convenience.
        I like the slakware install because they have made this install 
     completely painless. However I prefer to run with the debian 
     installation because:
                1) slakware did not support my scsi controller that is 
     integrated into my Hewlett Packard "Vectra XV 5/133C". I _think_ its 
     an AMD scsi controller. I'd have to reboot to be sure...
                2) IMHO - while the dselect package needs a facelift - it 
     is functional. I prefer the debian OS - I just think the Debian linux 
     variant is a better system than the others.
     Please help,
     keep up the great work,
     and Thanks in advance...

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