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Re: MS WORD format (and customizable telnet client) (fwd)

On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Jerzy Kakol wrote:

> On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Alexander LIST wrote:
> > 
> > Have a look at http://www.stardivision.com/. They have StarOffice 3.1, a
> > complete office solution for different platforms, in public beta now.
> > Noncommercial use is free AFAIK and the Wordprocessor, StarWriter, can
> > read/write MS-Winword-6.0, _and_ has built in HTML capabilities. You can
> > even surf the Web from the Wordprocessor.
> > 
> Unfortunately StarOffice package requires Motif 2.0. Is their any way to
> deal without it? 

Star office includes all the motif you need.  Just make link from 
lbso312.(something)  to libxm.so.2 and run ldconfig and tada you have 
motif.  This is all from memory so I can't verify it, but it enabled me 
to run the star office installation program which required motif.

Shaya Potter

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