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Re: MS WORD format (and customizable telnet client) (fwd)

On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Alexander LIST wrote:

> Have a look at http://www.stardivision.com/. They have StarOffice 3.1, a
> complete office solution for different platforms, in public beta now.
> Noncommercial use is free AFAIK and the Wordprocessor, StarWriter, can
> read/write MS-Winword-6.0, _and_ has built in HTML capabilities. You can
> even surf the Web from the Wordprocessor.

Unfortunately StarOffice package requires Motif 2.0. Is their any way to
deal without it? How about lesstiff. BTW, text file format RTF seems to be
quite good and relatively harmless (and loseless) way to realize document
exchange between Linux and Windoze zones. Winword has appropriate
conventer, on the Linux side in turn there exist such a tool like
latex2rtf. It is better than another common format like PostScript which
is not "human editable".

> customizable telnet client with remote saving/printing capabilities for
> the Austrian Press Agency... 

I'd like to add equally important cabability - configurable terminal
compatibility. Only user keeping the console can take full advantage
from the TERM environment variable set to linux. All other network
users must torture themselves with VT100 compatible telnet clients, 
what affects very negatively the prestige of my Debian GNU Linux
Server. The incredibly ancient VT-100 standard should pass to
history long time ago. I would like to use a terminal emulator exactly
like between two Linuxes - with comfort of bash, arrow keys, color ls and so 
on. So, does anybody know a DOS or Windows telnet client with configurable
terminal definition in termcap or terminfo format? 

BTW, recently I tried to make DEC OSF 3.2 a Unix with human face. I
compiled gcc, libg++, bash, binutils, color-ls, git and copied termcap
from my Debian Linux box wroking as a server in my network. Everything works OK 
but regarding terminal all I've achieved is possibility of running telnet
with TERM=ansi because TERM=linux causes 'Terminal entry too long'
message. What else should I exchange, may be DEC's getty? 

Thanx for reading this,

       Jerzy Kakol

Institute of Microbiology
   Wroclaw University

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