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Re: MS WORD format

>>>>> "Alex" == Alexander LIST <alex@fhtupc202.tu-graz.ac.at> writes:
 Daniel> Does anyone know of a document reader/editor that will read Microsoft
 Daniel> Word format?

 Alex> Have a look at http://www.stardivision.com/. They have StarOffice 3.1, a
 Alex> complete office solution for different platforms, in public beta now.
 Alex> Noncommercial use is free AFAIK and the Wordprocessor, StarWriter, can
 Alex> read/write MS-Winword-6.0, _and_ has built in HTML capabilities. You can
 Alex> even surf the Web from the Wordprocessor.

Looks like a great product. However, for the time being, it requires the Motif
libXm.so libraries, so this means investing at least 200$. This is a bit too
much for what I need. Why don't people use Tcl/Tk rather than Motif? All this
double version (with/without Motif) mess is too sad! And I had a scared look at
the OSF Motif price list on Metrolink. My first experience with $1,000,000 and
$3,000,000 entries...


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