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Re: Who is guilty, the kernel or Debian?

Hello Bruce,

thanks for your response.

At 02:05 PM 11/28/96 PST, you wrote:

>Does the system come up without complaint after a power-clear?

When I turn on the computer Linux starts with no problems at all (no
complaints) If I press the reset switch the same thing happens.

>Can you revert to the 2.0.6 kernel and tell us if that one causes a problem?

Absolutely. I said in my message that was going to be my next move. I will
do that right now.

>It sounds like a kernel interaction with BIOS, possibly related to
>memory management bits not cleared by reset on your system.

I was thinking about something like this but it should have happened after
some change in a 2.0.x kernel because with 1.2.13 I am pretty sure it never
happened. If it is not the kernel, it could be the reboot() function (the
one in unistd.h that is been called from the halt.c, part of the SysVInit

I forgot to mention in my message that after the 1-3-3 beeps, the system
hangs (nothing is wrong with Linux afterwards because file systems were
unmounted and the system was brought down orderly) I need to cycle power or
press the reset button to restart.

I have noticed in computers that work fine with 2.0.x that the reboot caused
by a "shutdown -r ..." is warm, not cold as it seems to be in the case of
the computer I am having problems with.

>The only other things I can think of are the hardware tweaks we do:
>the software watchdog timer, and the serial interrupt reprogramming.
>Those are unlikely. If you remove the "watchdog" and "hwtools"
>packages, that would eliminate those programs as candidates.

My kernel is not compiled with watchdog timer support nor real time clock
support nor something new or unconventional, just the basic stuff. I have
not installed "watchdog" nor "hwtools" either.

Well, let me go back to 2.0.7 and we'll talk later.




Eloy A. Paris
Information Technology
Rockwell Automation de Venezuela
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