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Re: Posting rejected - please read and agree to mailing list rules. (fwd)

"Andrew" == Andrew Martin Adrian Cater <amacater@galactic.demon.co.uk> writes:

Johnie>  Yes, the exact same thing happened to me, apparently because
Johnie> 2.1.13 does not understand the "#!/usr/sbin/perl --" line in the
Johnie> script.  No script which gives an argument to its processor works

Andrew> My guess is that Perl has moved - the canonical location has
Andrew> possibly moved from /sbin (very restricted in terms of who can
Andrew> use it) to /bin (any user) to avoid all the suid problems ??
Andrew> Just my thought.

Sorry -- I mistyped that.  The line really says "#!/usr/bin/perl --".

My theory is the problem lies in changes to fs/binfmt_script.c.  Every
script with extra stuff after the interpreter filename now fails with
something like "bash: no such file" (I don't remember exactly -- I'm
back to 2.0.25 now).
I was going to test the theory by replacing binfmt_script.c with the
2.0.25 version, but make-kpkg didn't work under 2.1.13, and by the
time I re-liloed and booted the stable kernel, the heat of the moment
had passed....   :-)

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