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Re: Posting rejected - please read and agree to mailing list rules. (fwd)

In message <199611271554.KAA01437@netgod.tln.lib.mi.us>, Johnie Ingram
<johnie@netgod.tln.lib.mi.us> writes
>"Hamish" == Hamish Moffatt <moffatt@yallara.cs.rmit.edu.au> writes:
>Hamish> Ooops. I just bounced this post, hoping elm would let me edit
>Hamish> it. :-( I tried Linux 2.1.13, and found that
>Hamish> start-stop-daemons, which Debian uses extensively during
>Hamish> bootup, did not work, and possibly some other scripts. Hence
>Hamish> 2.1.13 was useless and I am back to 2.1.10. Has anyone else
>Hamish> experienced this?
>Yes, the exact same thing happened to me, apparently because 2.1.13
>does not understand the "#!/usr/sbin/perl --" line in the script.  No
>script which gives an argument to its processor works with that
>Miraculously, almost everything will work normally if you change the
>line to "#!/usr/bin/perl".  Seems like start-stop-daemon is the only
>key script that gives arguments to its processor.
>This is the first 2.1 kernel I've tried, so I don't know if its a bug
>or a feature.  (Its startup messages mentioned being POSIX-certified,
>mabye things like "#!/usr/bin/perl -w" and "#!/usr/bin/make -f" are
>unsupported now?)
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My guess is that Perl has moved - the canonical location has possibly
moved from /sbin (very restricted in terms of who can use it) to /bin
(any user) to avoid all the suid problems ?? Just my thought.

Andrew Martin Adrian Cater

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