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Re: Managing a network of Debian machines?

Nelson Minar (nelson@media.mit.edu) wrote:
: What's the right solution? Assume disk is cheap, bandwidth is fairly
: cheap, but sysadmin time is really expensive. If Debian could provide
: some solution, it would be a big help to Linux administrators.

The solution running here is:
1) /, /etc, /var in one partition locally on each machine. Configuration
is still too machine dependent.
2) /usr mounted via NFS. The disk really hosting the /usr files is
a DEC-Alpha but each Linux machine could serve as well. 
3) /usr/local is a symbolic link to /local on each machine. Here, machine
specific applications are stored. They should not be touched by 
Debian packages.

Due to the strict separation between configuration files and
programs in Debian, this works quite well. All programs except
for those installed in /usr/local have to be maintained only 
centrally. The netload due to the program loading on execution
is still relatively small compared to the load produced by 
the real data which are also often treated via NFSi here.

Hope this helps.
Best regards -- Volker

  Volker Ossenkopf,              E-mail: ossk@sol.astro.uni-jena.de

  Astrophysikalisches Institut und    \\///
   Universitaets-Sternwarte Jena     ( . . )     Tel.: 03641/630324

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