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On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Tom Julien wrote:

> IMHO, a license like Qt's is long overdue.  It makes a fine
> commercial product available to both X11 and Win32, yet it
> provides a great mechanism to promote freeware/open standards
> like Unix/X11 *over* propriety ones.  Troll's reasoning for
> not allowing modified versions may not include this rationale,
> but I am certainly tickled pink to see it for this very reason.

Yes, make the commercials pay when it takes commercial development to 
create something.  Seems fair to me.

> Please work with Troll on this -- you may find that there's
> no need to "argue" at all.

Y'know, maybe it does not really matter all that much right now.  
Slackware and RedHat may be more than happy to include KDE and Qt bundled 
and ready to go.  This is a substantial chunk of the market, and surely 
captures the market KDE is aimed for:  newcomers.  

In time, the license may be changed to suit Debian, and so Debian can 
join in the fun.

What I would like to know is the Debian mission statement, its meaning 
and purpose.  Something is lurking in the depths of my memory, but it is 
not at all clear.  Is there a Debian FAQ or other info available?  I'll 
check if a web site is around, if I ever get around to it. :)

William Burrow  --  Fredericton Area Network, New Brunswick, Canada
Copyright 1996 William Burrow  
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