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Re: User can't log into FTP.

> One of my "default system" users (www-data to be exact) can't log in.
> My other users can.

Make sure that the shell specified for that user in /etc/passwd is
listed in the file /etc/shells.

> I don't see anywhere that this user is not allowed to log in to FTP.
> What must I do to allow that user to login via ftp?  I want to be able to
> give someone access to the web server files, but thats all.
> What AM I missing?

From "man ftpd"...

     Ftpd authenticates users according to three rules.

           1.   The user name must be in the password data base, /etc/passwd,
                and not have a null password.  In this case a password must be
                provided by the client before any file operations may be per­

           2.   The user name must not appear in the file /etc/ftpusers (see

           3.   The user must have a standard shell returned by

           4.   If the user name is ``anonymous'' or ``ftp'', an anonymous ftp
                account must be present in the password file (user ``ftp'').
                In this case the user is allowed to log in by specifying any
                password (by convention this is given as the client host's

Hmmm...  That's four rules...
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