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Re: More Gnus problems

ME? <lars@lightcom.net> writes:

> Here is my .gnus file: (BTW, should I put this stuff in .gnus, or
> .emacs, or does it matter?):

Don't know.  All my stuff's in my .emacs monstrosity.

A couple of things.  The folder that you want mail to go in to in your
home directory may (or may not) need to already exist, so you might
try deleting it if it does exist, or adding it if it doesn't, and see
what happens.

Also, I've had a couple of cases where by starting up with a slightly
bogus config file, I caused gnus to write a .newsrc.eld or .newsrc
file that caused all future launches to fail, even though I fixed the
problem.  You should probably try a rm .newsrc* and then run emacs and
gnus and see if that helps.

I believe this is partially related to the fact that gnus actually
writes the server configuration paths, etc into the rc file the first
time it opens the server, and it never changes them again.  This can
be a problem if you change them in your .emacs file.  The only way
currently to propagate that change AFAIK is to manually edit the
.newsrc* files, or delete the files and let gnus rebuild them.

WARNING: deleting the .newsrc* files will lose all your state
information about articles you have read or marked as important, etc.


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