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PHT's November 1996 Debian distribution---a few problems

   Dear Debians:

   FWIW, here's a copy of mail I sent to Pacific HiTech.  I upgraded by FTPing
the a.out dpkg, and had enough spare disk space (recent drive upgrade :-),
it'll probably disappear soon) to copy the CD .deb files into and repair the
symlink problems by hand.  I believe the release is 1.1.11.

   I used dselect to upgrade---a really nice job.  Thanks to you all!

			Max Hyre

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Date: Mon, 25 Nov 96 17:27:02 EST
From: Max Hyre <mhyre>
To: linux@pht.com
Subject: A couple of problems with November 1996's Debian distribution


   Dear Madam or Sir:

   I've just received the November 1997 issue of your Mo' Linux CD series.  I
bought it for the Debian 1.1 distribution it contains, but found a couple of
problems, and an oversight:

   Problem 1:  Two of the symbolic links are wrong:  one is self-referencing,
	leading to an infinite link-loop, and the other is dangling, with the
	referenced file non-existent.  These prevent the Debian installation
	program from running.  Nothing to be done about it now, but could you
	run a check for such in the future?  The Debian master site is updated
	frequently, and I presume that taking a snapshot can easily copy links
	in transition (to say nothing of the occasional just plain error :-)).
	(Sorry, I left my notes at home.  If you need the exact filenames,
	mail me and I'll get back to you.)

   Problem 2:  The upgrades/ directory is missing.  This contains instructions
	and required software for upgrading a 0.x (such as my 0.93R6)
	installation to a 1.x (say, the 1.1.11 on your CD).  Please include it
	in future Debian releases.

   Oversight:  The contrib/ directory is missing.  Note that it is
	freely-distributable files, they are just not actively maintained by
	the Debian organization.  As a result, for instance, I couldn't
	install LyX, which depends on the xforms package, found among the
	contrib packages.

   Thanks for your kind attention to these items.

			Sincerely yours,

				Max Hyre

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