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Re: Will Caldera's WABI run on a Debian system?

"Bruce Perens writes:"
> From: "Richard G. Roberto" <richr@bear.com>
> > By the by, for reasons that are mostly, but not entirely,
> > technical, Caldera will no longer be basin their OS on RedHat
> > linux. They purchased Linux FT ans will base their next release
> > (Caldera Open Linux or COL) on that.  The sales rep I spoke with
> > was unsure as to what package format they would be using.
> > Maybe Bruce and Ian should give them a call?

Actually, our next release, Caldera OpenLinux (COL) 1.0 is based primarily
on LST's distribution.  Some Linux FT technology such as POSIX certification
is being integrated into COL.  COL currently uses RPM.  Nevertheless, we have
several Debian fans here at Caldera.  If Debian 1.0 was out when we
we're making distribution decisions, we might have used it.  There's a
lot of history and backwards compatibility issues now that keep us on
our current Linux distribution course.

> I am in regular correspondence with LaserMoon. They are interested
> enough in Debian that they run a few Debian systems. That says nothing
> about their commercial plans, which they have not disclosed to me, and
> which of course I wouldn't publish without their permission.

Who have you been talking to?  Ian Nandhra?  He works for Caldera.

> I think WINE is a technically superior approach to WABI, and I hope
> the availability of WABI doesn't impede WINE's progress.

Why?  Wine's approach is quite similar to Wabi's.  Anyway, we too would
like to see Wine move forward.  When it can support the apps that Wabi
supports, we won't have to pay Sun a royalty anymore...  Until then,
Linux users now have the option of purchasing Wabi for Linux.  Back when
Caldera was a project inside Novell, we were quite hopeful that we could
use Wine instead of Wabi.  I wrote the (now outdated) Docs/Resources.Z
file included in the Wine source.  In addition, our group at Novell paid
an outside consulting firm lotsa bucks to accelerate the development
of Wine.  This firm didn't make a lot of progress and in any case,
Novell dumped the work they did into the bit bucket.  I believe we
also bought Bob Amstadt a disk drive for his Wine development machine.
Later, we convinced Ray Noorda to buy Willows Software.  They've also
made progress but still can't run all the apps Wabi can.

Anyway, after three years I can look back and see the progress that
the Wine group has made.  I hope they keep up the good work.  But Sun has
spent millions of dollars over the last 6 years to get Wabi to its
current level of functionality.  I feel many people still don't realize
the difficulty in cloning MS Windows.

But I digress...


Ron Holt <ron@caldera.com> Caldera, Inc.

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