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Re: Will Caldera's WABI run on a Debian system?

"Rick Macdonald writes:"
> Does anybody know if Caldera's WABI will run on a Debian system?
> Caldera's web page kind of says "maybe".

In short, yes, it does run.

I've run Wabi 2.2 on Debian 1.1.  The only serious problem I've found is that
the default permissions on /dev/fd0 don't allow access by regular users.
Wabi requires the installation of MS Windows 3.1 and this is often done
via floppy while running as a regular user.  Just change permissions on
/dev/fd0 to work around this problem.

There is a document entitled "Installing Wabi for Linux on Non-Caldera
Platforms" on the Wabi CDROM.  An updated version with some Debian-specific
information can be found at:


We included Wabi in .tgz format to facilitate it's installation on non-Caldera
platforms.  Officially, Wabi is only supported on Caldera platforms, but so
far most people have reported success with installing Wabi on other Linux
distributions.  This subject has been discussed on the Caldera Wabi User's
email list.  You can join this list by running:

	echo "subscribe caldera-wabi" | mail -s "" majordomo@caldera.com

The two major incompatibilities that have been reported so far are with
Metrolink's MetroX X server (version 3.1.2).  Wabi causes their server to
hang.  They know about the problem and are working on it.  The other
problem reported is that Wabi will not run with the Motif window manager

> I'm tempted to pay the $200 just so I can run Quicken without
> booting up DOS/Windows.

The "certified" version of Quicken that runs on Wabi is version 4.0.  I
don't think 5.0 will run.  Quicken 4.0 works fine.

> I haven't checked for awhile, but I assume that WINE is still
> a long ways away. I couldn't tolerate having my Quicken files
> corrupted!

Wine has come a long ways in the last three years that I've been following
it.  But it has still has a long way to go to match the millions of
dollars Sun has had to invest to get Wabi where it is now...


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