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Re: Will Caldera's WABI run on a Debian system?

From: "Richard G. Roberto" <richr@bear.com>
> By the by, for reasons that are mostly, but not entirely,
> technical, Caldera will no longer be basin their OS on RedHat
> linux. They purchased Linux FT ans will base their next release
> (Caldera Open Linux or COL) on that.  The sales rep I spoke with
> was unsure as to what package format they would be using.
> Maybe Bruce and Ian should give them a call?

I am in regular correspondence with LaserMoon. They are interested
enough in Debian that they run a few Debian systems. That says nothing
about their commercial plans, which they have not disclosed to me, and
which of course I wouldn't publish without their permission.

I think WINE is a technically superior approach to WABI, and I hope
the availability of WABI doesn't impede WINE's progress.


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