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Re: Please do not use Qt (fwd)

William Burrow wrote:
> Well, you see, once the source code has been released, it is somewhat 
> like Pandora's box.  Programs relying on the old Qt will function as 
> always.  Free programs relying on the new, unreleased, pay-for-it Qt... 
> well, there just won't be many of those around.

If there were no bugs in that "free" version.

> As for not being able modify Qt, not really.  Qt supports inheritance, so
> can be modified at a higher abstraction.  Your argument is based on FUD. 
> Meanwhile the freeware community diddles around with various uncompleted
> toolkits. 

Again, this assumes the parent classes are bug free.  But remember that
the this thread started as discussing the relevance of kde to Debian.
And as far as I am concerned there is no point in using Qt for developping
kde when there are other free alternatives around, such as V.

> <flame>
> Personally, I expected much more from the X development model than has
> appeared.  The X world seems to have grasped a commercial library, Motif. 
> Where is the plethora of excellent concepts and toolkits?  Seems the big
> commercial OSes get those (MacOS, Windows, OS/2 -- not neglecting NeXT, 
> it just didn't get to the big status).  So, what went wrong?
> </flame>

There is a plethora of toolkits; concepts? Don't know.

> I don't support Qt as much as I support a free toolkit that is being 
> developed on a continual basis.  It would not be a first to put a wrapper 
> around Qt calls, if you so desired, either.

I don't mind individual programs such as nethack using Qt.  What I
dislike is people putting in a lot of time and effort developping
things like kde on top of a non-free toolkit like Qt when there are
viable free alternatives around.

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