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Re: Please do not use Qt (fwd)

On Sat, 23 Nov 1996, Buddha Buck wrote:

> > Of course the apps CAN be gpled! Even if they have to be linked against
> > some commercial libs.
> Not by my reading of the GPL.
> > There are hundreds of gpled Motif based pieces of software out there.
> Name 5.    By your assertion, I could modify GNU Emacs to use Motif 
> widgets, and distribute the modified version freely, under the GPL.  I 
> am certain that if I were to do  that, one of the first people I would 
> hear complaints from would be RMS himself.

There is actually a Motif Version of Emacs called Motif Xemacs (used to be
called Lucid Emacs)
I just ckecked the copyright statement on the moste recent version (19.14)
It definetlely is GPL!

> > > > Soon LyX will also be Qt based.
> > > That's too bad, I kind of like lyx.
> > Obviously, you unfortunately do not know hwat you are talking about,
> > sorry.
> Try taking a look at V.  It is GPLed, available in source form, and 
> also a C++, object oriented approach to a GUI.
> > So even for the GNU purists it must be evident, that Qt is LESS
> > restricting than the Xforms license.
> But it is still MORE restricting in key ways than the Xforms licence.  

You did not tell in which respect the Xforms license  is less restricting 
than the Qt license!
Please do so.

-- martin

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